About Heather Wilson.


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I am an artist printmaker, wood engraver, and sketchbook maker, who once printed 100s of Thomas Bewick wood engravings for an archive.

I studied my fine art degree, specialising in printmaking and graduating in 1984, in NE England. I then completed a masters in illustration at Edinburgh college of art, Scotland, graduating in 2001.

I live in Scotland.

My work is based on personal experience, memory, and my interest in anything environment related. 

Having worked in mainly wood engraving for many years, I now experiment with monoprint and woodcut, exploring ideas about the extraction industries, especially gold mining. 

I am especially interested in making work based on the changing landscape, from natural causes as well as the human impact on our environment.  I find that the destructive side of the commodification of our land and sea, is ever more apparent, disturbing and terrifying. Is it too late? Can humans stop their desire to destroy the planet that they rely on for life?  For me, commenting, exposing, and expressing how I feel and think about this, is integral to my art pratice.

In my work, it is not a matter of creating observational landscape, it is an emotional relationship, as well as an attempt to look into what is happening, in an objective way. While making a comment on the impact of humans on the planet, I am attempting to show the beauty of nature, a before, and after perhaps. The contrary nature of all things, in life and in the natural world, has often been a feature in my work, and I use titles to enhance that aspect of my creative practice. Sometimes nature is rendered ghostly, what has been lost , what is no longer reality, and what we have, or are destroying. Making prints enables my own grievance and grieving for what has gone, and is going.  It is also an attempt to show a life affirming environment, one that will regenerate, if only we will allow it.

All work is in copyright. 2018. 

Most works are for sale.

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